• Wheel In The Sky Cloche
  • Wheel In The Sky Cloche
  • Wheel In The Sky Cloche
  • Wheel In The Sky Cloche
  • Wheel In The Sky Cloche

Wheel In The Sky Cloche

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Dolly would LOVE this piece! It's so so sweet and pretty! 

The smoke chamber is shaped like a dome and has a blue butterfly and water wheel that moves! The percolator on this piece is super unique- there's a little hole in the bottom of the dome that filters the smoke through water. Comes with a removable 14mm funnel slide and a built-in ash catcher. 

- a 14mm removable slide that is compatible with our slides on the site
- an ash catcher
- sturdy boro glass
- accents of pink glass with a blue butterfly
- made in the USA

Measures 5.5" tall and made of heavy duty borosilicate glass.

Fill her with water and she's ready to go! 

Made in the USA. 

For tobacco use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mori C.
It's so fucking cute

I got higher than I wanted to on this thing the first time I smoked out of it because I just kept wanting to take hits off of it. It's so fucking cute. I love the noise it makes, the wheel has a high pitched rattling noise along with the bubbles and it's so satisfying to me. And it's PINK.

Having the smoke be right in front of your face in a clear vessel lets me see how much smoke is in there, and it's so easy to share because you can just hold your thumb over the mouthpiece or just don't do it at all because the smoke pretty much stays put anyway. It's pleasantly heavy and the stem under the bowl is like a handle so it's like holding a mug, not awkward at all to handle in my opinion. So glad I snatched this up and if it breaks and I can't get another one I will cry.

Charlie T.
Wasn't sure about this piece

But I am 10000000% happy I decided on it. The way the little wheel spins makes me so happy. It feels like I'm being rewarding for sucking good, and it doesn't even involve a man.

Precious M.
So freaking cute

I love it!! Super cute and easy to clean!