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If you have any questions email!

Please keep in mind we are humans, and we want to help you! Rude, demanding, and unkind emails usually don't get you what you want :)

You can expect a response in 1-3 business days! Weekends are not business days!

Please don't send multiple messages about the same issue! This just makes things more confusing, and it will take longer to get back to you.



Most Frequently Asked Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If your shipment is lost, or was marked as delivered please reach out to your local post office first!
  • Burning Love cannot be held responsible for tracking or refunding any orders sent to the wrong address. Please be careful when choosing your shipping address!
  • We will not send complementary replacement items or refunds for items marked as delivered. If an item is delivered and is stolen, it is not our responsibility to replace the item unless the item is insured. Please have all items shipped to a safe address.
  • If your payment was declined check that your billing address matches what's on your credit card record. Our payment gateway only accepts payments with information that matches billing exactly :)
  • If there are any problems with your order you have 30 days to contact us so we can make it right :)