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  • Set of Star Filters
  • Set of Star Filters
  • Set of Star Filters
  • Set of Star Filters
  • Set of Star Filters
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Set of Star Filters

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Is the hole in your bowl too big?

We have your solution!

Simply place one of these screens in that hole and it will act as a filter, preventing scooby snacks from leaving the bowl!

This listing is for 5 glass star-shaped screens in a cute silicone case.

Colors in each set will vary.

For tobacco use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

These are beautiful, they are quite big so I just have to make sure to pack with even pressure so I don't accidentally shift them. But, this makes them really great for bigger bowls- compared to the flower filters sold here (also a favorite of mine).

Comes with five filters, one was in use when i took the picture 👀

Damian Y.
so cute but…

i need to buy more! i keep smoking too much and accidentally throwing them away with my ash T-T but they work super well and i prefer them to screen filters because they’re more reusable and way cuter!

Star glass filters

These are so cute and much better then screens. Love my container that they came in as well!!