• Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
  • Martini Bong
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Martini Bong

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That is the only way we can describe this incredible piece. We said, "hold my beer" and came out with the classiest bong you've ever seen. Shaped just like a martini glass, olive percolator and all. Even the slide has a small olive on it! The rim of the glass is a stunning gold. Just fill her with water and she's ready to go


  • a 10mm slide that is NOT compatible with the slides on our site
  • rim of martini is actual 14k gold leaf
  • a fixed downstem 
  • martini glass shape 
  • comes in a super cute box
  • gold details 

Measures 8" tall

For tobacco use only.

Due to the fancy as fuck gold leaf on the rim, please use a gentle soap when cleaning the outside of this piece.

This design is the sole property of Burning Love and cannot be reproduced or copied for any reason without permission beforehand. ©

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I love the martini bong. She’s so cute and hits well. Perfect for when you want to ✨ serve cunt ✨ while getting stoney baloney

Erin N.
Great little bubbler

thick glass, smooth (surprisingly large) hits, small bowl but to be expected. Great for celebrations

My Favorite Dirty Martini

I'm a huge dirty martini girl so this bong was the absolute best thing I've ever gotten for myself. It's so nicely made. Everyone who sees it or smokes with me, says the same thing. The gold is so classy ✨️ I'll be obsessed for a lifetime. Great packaging and cute box 1