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Zoom Cherry Grinder
Zoom Cherry Grinder
Zoom Cherry Grinder
Zoom Cherry Grinder
Zoom Cherry Grinder
Zoom Cherry Grinder

Cherry Grinder


Not only is this grinder cute, it's also super functional!

Metallic red grinder features cherries on the top lid and has 4 parts with 3 compartments. The top has a magnetic closure so you can infinitely grind it and the top stays on. The bottom compartment collects the kief and even comes with an adorable little spatula to keep it clean.

Grinder is MINI! It measures 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

This grinder has a matching stash jar!

Not a marijuana grinder, this grinder is for "SPICES ONLY" ;)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Perfect for the casual smoker

Love the design and size. Some complained it was too small but if you’re not an all-day every-day kind of smoker this is a great product or can be good for on the go!

Emma Hunter

this grinder slays me up and down

Aileen Priest

This grinder is so smooth bitch, I LOVEEEE. It is a lot smaller than what I was expecting but honestly I’m not Trippin because it’s still good quality and it’s super cute and I’m not like even a huge smoker to I need a fat ass grinder so this is perfect.

Nyome Henderson
So small!!

It’s so small!!! I thought it would be a standard size :/ it’s okay just for me but it would have been bigger to have a big one also it’s super cute

Jada Rose
So cute!

I love this thing. The design is adorable and the magnetic lid is a lifesaver

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