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Zoom Yin Yang Grinder
Zoom Yin Yang Grinder
Zoom Yin Yang Grinder
Zoom Yin Yang Grinder
Zoom Yin Yang Grinder
Zoom Yin Yang Grinder

Yin Yang Grinder


 Not only is this grinder cute, it's also super functional!

Metallic purple grinder is engraved with a yin yang on the top lid and features 4 parts with 3 compartments. The top has a magnetic closure so you can infinitely grind it and the top stays on. The bottom compartment collects the kief and even comes with an adorable little spatula to keep it clean.

Grinder measures 2" x 2" x 1.75" and comes in a cute lil bag inside of a cute lil box for safekeeping :)

**Please note- this grinder is .5" smaller than the bad bitch grinder. Please see last photo for size comparison :)

This grinder has a matching J tube and stash jar!

Not a marijuana grinder, this grinder is for "SPICES ONLY" ;)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hanna Hadrath
Great grinder!

It’s a good size ! And it grinds up herb really well :)


i love this grinder, its perfect and love the kief catchers at the bottom with the included scooper tool

Julia Preston

It’s a great size! I didn’t even realize the lid was magnetic when I got it which was fun to figure out bc I’m a spazz and drop everything. The holes are a little big so it’s a bigger grind but that’s not bad at all especially if you don’t want stuff falling through the holes in your piece. I love it.

Kimberly Vargas

My first grinder & it’s perfect it feels amazing, design, everything. Only thing I have to say is the holes are a tad big for my liking, my whole herbs fall through a lot & the magnet is cool but it would be nicer if it had a cover over it because my herbs get smashed there and block the magnet, small inconvenience but overall very very satisfied I love it! I LOVE THE SHOVEL but I lost it🥺😞

Anna Sophia
a great grinder!!

i love this grinder! i got it for my boyfriend as he loves purple and it has become our favourite to use. i would say it is a medium sized grinder and comes with a tool to help clean. it grinds up spices very well and i definitely recommend it.

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