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Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler
Zoom Double Trouble Bubbler

Double Trouble Bubbler

These Double Trouble Bubblers not only look cool but, thanks to the double chambers, will allow for effortless filtration and smooth hits! 

Both down stems feature a rad spiral design in pink and clear glass.

It's like having two bubblers in one!

This gorg 7" piece is made of borosilicate glass.

For tobacco use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gustavo Reyes Rivera
Better than expected!

The double bubbler is simply stunning! as soon as you hold it you're in awe of just how pretty it is. Being two chambers it breathes super smooth, and when full of smoke its even prettier. I will point out that it did have a hairline fracture on arrival probably because of the air pressure in shipping but its on the inside so its like its not even there. Lastly the hole on the bowl piece is quite big so its better to roll up a bit of the substance into a tiny ball so it prevents the rest from falling in.

Baked as a cake

Best bubbler, hits hard

Anna Sophia

you guys… this bubbler is so cool and unique. it hits like an absolute dream. i don’t have another bubbler like this! i love it! just add a little water and you’re good to go!

Violet H.
Super cute, works well, not as complicated to clean as it looks, but very easy to knock over & sp...

The flat base of this piece is super small, so if you bump it slightly, or don't set it down correctly, its center-of-mass (especially if there is no water in it) will leave the confines of the base of support very quickly and it will topple over super easily. Thankfully the carb hole is small enough that you usually don't spill a ton of water if it tips over and you catch it fast, but it is still irritating how often this happens. However, it is super cute, and easy to clean with isopropyl + salt + shaking in a container for a good few minutes; and the double-filtration feels good to smoke out of and it feels good to see that the second water chamber is visibly cleaner than the first (although I know that probably doesn't mean too much other than it just looking cleaner). One slightly annoying thing is that some residual smoke stays low inside the first water chamber and it's hard to clear it of smoke completely using the carb especially if the bowl is still rolling, bc there is no way to get airflow in that low spot to clear the whole chamber without pulling air through the bowl & water. But I guess that's a normal thing for bubblers. It still seems like it will get dirty a little bit more quickly than it needs to though bc of that. I am scared that the mouthpiece where the glass is thin might be fragile (and also, the inside of the neck right there is kind of hard to clean, because the actual hole on the mouthpiece is very tiny and you can't fit much for cleaning through), but I will just be careful with it. With how many times I've knocked it over, it hasn't broken yet, so that's good. I don't know about glassmaking techniques so I can't say if this is good or bad or anything, but you can see the "seams" between where each individual glass piece was put together, which is interesting. Overall it's just super unique and cute and I love it and will treasure it as long as I can. (Pic only has condensation + a little water in the second chamber)

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